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Level 1 DVD's and online BSL Package

Level 1 DVD's sent through the post and lifetime online access

For a limited time only get both the Level 1 DVD and Learn British Sign Language The Easy Way Free of Charge!

The topics covered are:

  • Topic A: Meeting People, At Home, People and Animals,
  • Topic B: Using numbers for Age, Time, Money and Calendar,
  • Topic C: Weather,
  • Topic D: Transport,
  • Topic E Directions,
  • Topic F: Hobbies/Activities and Occupations
  • Topic G: Refreshments.

Throughout this course level, you'll discover vocabulary sections, story receptive skill practice with and without voice, as well as question & answer sections to recap what you're learning. You'll also discover a wide range of information including....

  • What exactly is BSL?
  • Who uses BSL and why?
  • ‘Aquisition of Sign Language’
  • What is meant by Deaf/Deaf Culture
  • The main features of BSL
  • Sign systems that are used in schools
  • Proper sign language etiquette
  • Technology/equipment used by Deaf people and Deaf organisations

PLUS: You'll receive this special bonus opposite- Learn British Sign Language the Easy Way Extra Course Content


Level 1 DVD's and online Lifetime Access Only £45.00
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Level 2 DVD and online BSL Package

Get the Level 2 BSL DVD through the post AND full online access

British Sign Language Level 2 is split into sections that covers the same topics needed for Level 2 in British Sign Language.

There are sections teaching you the vocabulary, question and answers, and phrases and story receptive skills practise.

Level 2 is a DVD9 (NTSC covering all regions) and runs for a total of 130 minutes.

It has the main 4 topics covered through the Level 2 curriculum along with an added section dedicated purely for Level 2 Topic Vocabulary enabling you to refresh your memory whilst building up your conversational skills.

The DVD9 Disc covers:

Topic 1: About you and Everyday Conversations introductory phrases, describing people, activities at school, jobs & activities at work, attitudes and opinions, time vocabulary, activities in the home, leisure activities, opinion/likes and dislikes, and illnesses and health

Topic 2: Eating and Drinking contains story practise and Question & Answer sections for ordering food and drink, and offering opinions, describing preparation of food, eating out, and comparing food types and explaining your views

Topic 3: Shopping and Spending  contains story practise/Question and answer sections on paying for services, different types of shops and payments, shopping experiences, and comparing items that you have bought.

Topic 4: Travel and Holidays  contains both stories and question and answers about countries, places in England, booking a holiday and a camping experience

Topic 1: About You and Everyday Conversations – Vocabulary

Topic 2 : Eating and Drinking – Vocabulary

Topic 3: Shopping and Spending – Vocabulary

Topic 4 : Travel and Holidays – Vocabulary

The Learn Sign Language Level 2 DVD also includes our unique downloadable workbook covering in detail Negation in BSL, grammar rules, indicating plurality, question structure, marking time, and quality in BSL.

Level 2 DVD and online access Only £45.00
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Best value all 4 DVD's and BSL online package

This is by far the most popular package where you can accelerate your BSL Learning

Get the full set of  our BSL DVD's through the post plus have Full Lifetime online access to all BSL videos and downloads

You will receive:

  • Introduction to British Sign Language DVD through the post and online access
  • Level 1 British Sign Language DVD through the post and online access
  • Learn British Sign Language the Easy Way! DVD through the post and online access
  • Level 2 British Sign Language DVD through the post and online access


Full BSL DVD's and online access only £79.00
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