Level 2 BSL Online Course with Dialogues and Bonus Stories

What's Included With Our Online Videos

  • 6 Part Picture Sequence
  • 2 Part Dialogues
  • Total 12 Topics
  • Total 15 Dialogues
  • Videos without Voice
  • Videos with Subtitles and Voice
  • 5 Bonus Stories

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Dialogues Included +
  1. The Broken Leg
  2. Surprise Holiday
  3. It's Snowing
  4. Shopping
  5. Taking my Dog for a Walk
  6. First Day at a New Job
  7. On the Beach
  8. First Day at School
  9. In the Park
  10. On a Plane
  11. At the Doctors
  12. Pets
  13. Family
  14. My New Kitchen
  15. Designing a New Garden
Topics Included +
  1. Family Vocabulary
  2. Describing People and Animals
  3. Activities at School
  4. Jobs and Activities at Work
  5. Time
  6. Activities in the Home
  7. Leisure Activities
  8. Opinions, Likes and Dislikes
  9. Illness and Health
  10. Eating and Drinking
  11. Shopping and Spending
  12. Travel and Holidays
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Get taken through the vocabulary for various topics and subjects covered in Level 2 Online Videos, right through to understanding 2 part dialogues and 6 part picture sequence stories at the end.

Your BSL Deaf Presenters throughout are Ramon Woolfe, Radha Starr, Marcel Hirshman, Fifi Garfield and Deepa Shastri, Mark Nelson and Alison Wherry-Alimo.

Let’s Learn More about Our Deaf Presenters

Fifi Garfield

She has been Deaf since birth and has a deaf twin sister.

She has been involved in media for more than 20 years, she has vast skills in camera work, editing, directing, acting, presenting and translating.

She lives in Surrey but she loves London more!

Marcel Hirshman

Marcel Hirshman has years of experience in translating work for websites, DVDs and television. He owns his company delivering workshops, sign language and interpreting work. He comes from a Deaf family.


Alison Wherry-Alimo

Alison Wherry-Alimo was born Deaf, her parents are hearing and she has an older Brother who is also Deaf. Alison has communicated using BSL all of her life and has been a BSL teacher for 22 years. Alison has also done a bit of BSL presenting in the past. Alison enjoys taking part in a number of different outdoor activities in the spare time and also supporting other Deaf members in her community.

Mark Nelson

Mark is an active member of the Deaf community with several years of experience of working with Deaf organisations including the British Deaf Association, ‘The Vibe’, BBC ‘See Hear’, ‘Vee TV’ and numerous local Deaf clubs. He is also one of the founders and director of the award winning production/multimedia and BSL training company Remark! who regularly sponsor Deaf individuals and events. Mark is proud to be the fourth generation Deaf member of his family. A native Londoner, he has grown up attending Deaf events socialising with BSL users.

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