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The third course in the Learn British Sign Language The EASY Way series!

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This is the third course in the Learn British Sign Language The EASY Way Series! In this third course, you'll discover sections that are split up to cover the same topics you'll need for Level 2 in British Sign Language. These sections cover vocabulary, questions & answers, phrases and story receptive skills practice.

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The level of the course covers these main topics:

  • Topic 1: About you and Everyday Conversations introductory phrases, describing people, activities at school, jobs & activities at work, attitudes and opinions, time vocabulary, activities in the home, leisure activities, opinion/likes and dislikes, and illnesses and health
  • Topic 2: Eating and Drinking contains story practise and Question & Answer sections for ordering food and drink, and offering opinions, describing preparation of food, eating out, and comparing food types and explaining your views
  • Topic 3: Shopping and Spending  contains story practise/Question and answer sections on paying for services, different types of shops and payments, shopping experiences, and comparing items that you have bought.
  • Topic 4: Travel and Holidays  contains both stories and question and answers about countries, places in England, booking a holiday and a camping experience.
  • Topic 1: About You and Everyday Conversations – Vocabulary
  • Topic 2 : Eating and Drinking – Vocabulary
  • Topic 3: Shopping and Spending – Vocabulary
  • Topic 4 : Travel and Holidays – Vocabulary

The Level 2 online course also includes information covering: negation in BSL, grammar rules, indicating plurality, question structure, marking time, and quality in BSL.

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