British Sign Language Level 1 Online Course

The second course in the Learn British Sign Language The EASY Way series!

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This is the second course in the Learn British Sign Language The EASY Way Series! This online course takes you through the complete range of topics and vocabulary needed for Level 1 in BSL.

You can view all content from your desktop, tablet or Smartphone.

The topics covered are:

  • Topic A: Meeting People, At Home, People and Animals,
  • Topic B: Using numbers for Age, Time, Money and Calendar,
  • Topic C: Weather,
  • Topic D: Transport,
  • Topic E Directions,
  • Topic F: Hobbies/Activities and Occupations
  • Topic G: Refreshments.

Throughout this course level, you'll discover vocabulary sections, story receptive skill practice with and without voice, as well as question & answer sections to recap what you're learning. You'll also discover a wide range of information including....

  • What exactly is BSL?
  • Who uses BSL and why?
  • ‘Aquisition of Sign Language’
  • What is meant by Deaf/Deaf Culture
  • The main features of BSL
  • Sign systems that are used in schools
  • Proper sign language etiquette
  • Technology/equipment used by Deaf people and Deaf organisations

PLUS: You'll receive this special bonus opposite- Learn British Sign Language the Easy Way Extra Course Content

Once you've completed BSL Level 1, you'll comfortably be able to have general conversations with Deaf people, and have a solid foundation to build upon when entering Level 2 British Sign Language.

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Level 1 BSL Online Preview

Learn BSL The Easy Way! Online Preview

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